Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Purification

Pearls of Purity is a 6-CD set consisting of a series of lessons by addressing the legal rulings (fiqh) of ritual purification (taharah), according to the Hanafi school of law (madhhab). The lessons take a comprehensive look at the physical and spiritual aspects of purification, including discussions on ablution (wudu), ritual bathing (ghusl), menstrual impurity (hayd), water, purity in food, and other related topics. Recorded at the Islamic Center of Chicago during the 2003 Annual Itikaf Program, this set draws on the Quran and Sunnah to go beyond the legal rulings of taharah and offers an in-depth commentary invaluable to any person seeking traditional knowledge.

Pearls of Purity CD-Set is available for purchase from Al-Rashad Books.