Completed in 2019, the Sacred Learning Center acts as a mosque (masjid) for the local community and as a center of learning and worship for visitors from across the country. Our 16,000 square foot facility exhibits modern architectural features with high ceilings, wood accents, and abundant natural light. This design is balanced with state-of-the-art technology to create a welcoming and beneficial space for all. Dedicated areas are present in both the men’s and women’s halls for parents with younger children, allowing the entire community to feel comfortable in the space.


The tabs below provide important information relevant to the Sacred Learning Center and its programs.

Ample parking is available at our Center. However, during Friday (Jumuah) prayer and busy events, guests may need to park on local neighborhood streets, which are within walking distance of the center. This map provides guidelines regarding accessible parking at and surrounding the Center. As a courtesy to our neighbors, please respect local ordinances when choosing where to park vehicles.

All five daily prayers are held at the Center, 365 days a year. The masjid opens 15 minutes before Fajr prayer and closes 30 minutes after sunrise, allowing attendees to offer the ishraq prayer. The masjid then re-opens 15 minutes before Dhuhr and remains open until 30 minutes after Isha. Attendees are welcome to spend time in the masjid performing personal acts of worship during the above hours of operation.

We will hold two Jumuah prayers until further notice. The first Jumuah prayer will begin at 12:45 pm with an English talk, followed by an Arabic khutbah at 1:10 pm. The congregational prayer ends by 1:30 pm. The second Jumuah prayer will begin at 2:30 pm. Fridays tend to be a busy time at the Center; hence, we recommend arriving early. Once our lot is full, parking is also available on the neighboring streets within walking distance from the Center.

Eid dates at the Center are based on Chicago Hilal, which establishes the beginnings and endings of Islamic months in accordance with the sunnah of verified moonsighting. Eid prayer begins at 8:00 am with an English talk and a description of how the Eid prayer is performed. The prayer begins at 8:15 am followed by the Arabic khutbah. Of note, both the prayer and the Arabic khutbah are mandatory (wajib) components of the Eid prayer.

Our Quran program focuses on teaching children the recitation of the Holy Quran, as well as etiquettes and manners of our din. The program is held from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Mondays – Thursdays throughout the school year. Please contact us for more details.

The prayer halls may be used for nikah ceremonies; Sacred Learning neither officiates marriages nor provides marriage licenses or contracts. Food is not permitted on the premises, though boxed snacks may be handed out to attendees as they leave. A fee is charged to cover setup and cleanup related to the event. Please contact us to learn more about hosting a nikah at the Center.

Brothers are welcome to spend a few days at the masjid for worship and dhikr. Stays must be arranged at least one week in advance and must not conflict with regularly scheduled programs.

Townhouses are also available to host couples and families who travel to visit us from outside the area. These private accommodations are within easy walking distance of the Center.

Please contact us for more details regarding either of the above stay options.

On-site fundraising is not allowed, including for Sacred Learning itself. Those who would like to make a donation for Center expenses may do so at the on-site donation boxes and donation touch screens or by making a donation online.

Sacred Learning does not accept or distribute zakah funds and does not collect donations for distribution to other causes.

Sacred Learning welcomes your feedback, comments, questions, or concerns. Please submit feedback via our online contact us form. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work to improve the Center and all of its activities

To maintain the sanctity of the prayer space, announcements pertaining to the Center are only made on a limited basis. All other announcements, including program advertisements, are sent electronically to congregants.

Distribution of flyers or solicitation is not permitted on the Sacred Learning Center premises.

New to the area or new to Sacred Learning?
Consider setting up an in-person or over the phone introduction to the Center and our activities. We look forward to meeting you!