Shaykh Husain holds a weekly gathering, focusing on remembering Allah (swt) through silent, individual dhikr.  The session begins with a short talk (10-15 minutes) related to increasing our connection with Allah (swt), and furthering our spiritual development.  Afterwards a silent dhikr of selected adhkār is held, followed by a few minutes of muraqabah (self-reflection).  All are welcome to attend.

LOCATION: Sacred Learning Center – 3900 W Devon Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Map & Directions

View a list of the adhkār read silently in this gathering.

Listen to previous lectures given at these gatherings.

Live Broadcast of the Weekly Dhikr Gathering can be accessed from the home page a few minutes before the session begins.

This gathering is held every Sunday after Maghrib during the fall and winter months (September to March), and on Fridays after Maghrib during the spring and summer (March to September).