Umrah: Foundations of Our Faith Tour

Return to the foundations of our faith, physically and spiritually, by joining us for the journey of a lifetime. Over a few days, we will visit the blessed city of Mecca to perform Umrah and tawaf of the Kabah and also visit the blessed city of Medinah to pray in the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) masjid and greet him (peace be upon him) standing before his grave. Throughout the trip, lessons will be shared emphasizing the basics of purity, prayer, and faith, while also recollecting the great events of the Prophetic Seerah.

Dates: Fall (October, 2022) and Winter (Dec 23rd, 2022 to Jan 7th, 2023)

Please express interest by using the form below. Once trip dates are confirmed, we will email all interested parties to formally register.