• The Prophet ﷺ mentioned this litany as the best supplication for seeking Allah’s forgiveness. He encouraged reciting it every morning and evening, mentioning that the one who recites it with sincerity and conviction will be among the people of Jannah (Paradise) if they happen to die that night or day [Bukhari].
  • The power of this supplication lies in understanding that Jannah is a place of purity. To enter it, our hearts must be free from everything impure, including kufr (denying Allah’s existence), shirk (associating partners with Allah), sin, and diseases of the heart such as pride, arrogance, and envy.
  • This supplication completely purifies our hearts, immediately making us worthy of entering Jannah. Through it we acknowledge our Lord, testify to His Oneness, recognize that He is our Creator and that we are His dependent creation. We acknowledge our inability to fulfill His covenant, and, keeping each of the above in mind, seek forgiveness from Him alone.