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The site is under construction during which some of the sections and classrooms will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the site with all its contents restored back soon.

Sacred Learning Masjid Project

By the Grace of Allah Most High, Sacred Learning is in the process of establishing a masjid in a northern suburb of Chicago (Lincolnwood). The building will be used for daily salah, Quran Hifz classes, and adult education programs, and it will also serve as a location where people can come to develop themselves spiritually. The total cost of the project is a little over 1 million dollars.  The land has already been purchased and we are starting the construction phase soon, insha’Allah. There are numerous blessings associated with such projects, including the promise of a house in Paradise for those who build a house for Allah in this world. Hence, we would like to have your name on our list of donors. We realize that each of you have many demands on your finances. However, if you give with an open heart, Allah Most High will provide an abundant return in this life and the next.

The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “On the Day of Judgement, a person’s sadaqah will become his shade” and “Spend in charity and do not keep count, otherwise Allah will keep count in giving you provisions.” The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said on the authority of Uthman bin Affan (radiallahu anhu): “Whoever builds a Masjid seeking the Face of Allah, Allah will build for him something similar to it in Paradise” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Sacred Learning is a registered 501(c)(3) charity and all contributions are tax-deductible. You can take part in this blessed opportunity using the following options: 1) Donate via Chase Quick Pay using our email address info “at” sacredlearning.org (no transaction fees deducted). 2) Mail a check (payable to Sacred Learning) to (no transaction fees deducted).  Please include your email address on the check so that we can send a donation receipt: Sacred Learning c/o Abdul-Bari Syed 4513 W. Woodland Dr. Franklin, WI 53132 3) Monthly recurring donation via bank account (minimal transaction fees deducted) – submit your account details securely. 4) One-time or recurring donation via PayPal or credit card (standard transaction fees deducted) – visit the donation page. 5) Amazon Smile – Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.  Just visit this link – https://smile.amazon.com/, sign in to your account like normal, and then search for Sacred Learning NFP.  After that Amazon takes care of the rest and you can shop like you normally would. We ask that you make dua for the success of this project. In addition, if you would like to offer your personal skills toward the project, please send us an email via the Contact Us page. May Allah (SWT) make this a means for us to establish a home in jannah.  

Current Programs

  • Weekly Dhikr Gathering: Shaykh Husain holds a weekly gathering at the Islamic Center of Chicago (ICC), focusing on remembering Allah (swt) [more] – Next session Fri May 29 after Maghrib
  • Quranic Tafsir Program at MSI: The tafsir program provides a detailed look at Quranic verses with an emphasis on deriving practical lessons for everyday life... [more] – Next session Sat Jun 6 after Maghrib
  • Monthly Hadith Class at ICC Des Plaines: The monthly hadith class will cover one to two Hadith per session from Shaykh 'Ashiq Ilahī al-Bulandshehrī's Zad al-Talibin (Provisions for the seekers)...[more] – Next session Sat Jun 20 after Maghrib