Sacred Learning Retreats provide an opportunity for seekers to spend the day in the masjid enhancing their spiritual development while gaining knowledge of din (religion). The programs begin on Saturday afternoon (dhuhr) and continue through the evening. Retreats are open to both males and females.

Separately, male attendees have the additional option of adding a Friday night and/or Saturday night stay during which time they are expected to remain in the masjid overnight to focus on advancing themselves spiritually. One of our masha’ikh is assigned to oversee the optional Friday and/or Saturday night stay in order for residing brothers to more completely attain their goals.

2019 Retreat Schedule

Date Scholar Topic Schedule
November (1 – 3), 2019 TBD Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge TBD

2020 Retreat Schedule

Date Scholar Topic Schedule
January (10 – 12), 2020 TBD TBD TBD