Sacred Learning Masjid Project

Alhamdulillah, with your help and du’as, we were able to acquire the property adjacent to the masjid in December 2017. From January through April, we went through a series of 5 hearings with the Village to grant us approval to demolish the existing building and create a parking lot that will expand the number of parking spaces from 31 to 127. The demolition is underway and the plans for the new parking lot are under review. With your help, we hope to have the expanded parking ready for use by the time the masjid construction is complete, insha’Allah.


  • Address: 3900 W. Devon Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60712 (Major Intersections: Devon Ave. and Crawford Ave.)
  • 16,000 sq foot masjid that will serve over 500 families in the surrounding areas.
  • Programs include daily prayer, educational classes (especially memorization of the Holy Quran) and online programs.
  • Sacred Learning online programs and classes have benefited hundreds of thousands of people worldwide since 2002.


Qiblah Wall Exterior Masonry Complete – September 2018
Roofing – August 2018
Building Sheathing & Wrap – August 2018
Structural Steel Complete – August 2018

Qiblah Wall Exterior Masonry Complete September 2018 qiblahwall
Roofing August 2018 roofing
Building Sheathing & Wrap August 2018 sheathingwrap
Structural Steel Complete August 2018 structuralsteel
Stairs May 2018 stairs1 stairs2
Roof deck April 2018
Village approval for parking lot April 2018
Steel framing March 2018 framing1 framing2
Acquisition of adjacent property (3910 W. Devon) December 2017
Installation of basement structural steel June 2017 girders girders
Concrete pour of foundation walls and floor May 2017 foundation1 foundation3
Metal framing of foundation walls May 2017 metal framing1 metal framing2
Underground plumbing and stone basement floor April 2017 plumbing stone pad
Foundation excavation complete and concrete footings and piers April 2017 excavation complete cement poured
Project restarted with foundation excavation and installation of site utilities (water & sewer) April 2017 pipes basement hole
Project paused for winter Dec 2016 – March 2017
Groundbreaking August 2016 digging back hoe
Demolition completed June 2016 demolition_1-01 demolition_2-01
Lincolnwood civil review completed April 2016
Zoning approval June 2015
Land purchased
August 2014  land_purchased_1-01 land_purchased_2-01

SL Center Site Context Plan